5 things Google & Facebook know about you (which you don't want them to know!)


The new GDPR legislation keeps us busy. We’re having webinars about this subject frequently, last week we were invited by The HTA to explain to their members how it will impact their business and our team of developers is busy to make sure our CMS complies as well. However, is this just another piece of useless legislation or are there good reasons to protect your & mine privacy a bit better? I’ll show you 5 things Google & Facebook know about you, but you may wish they didn’t. 

  1. Every YouTube video you watched ever

Go to https://myactivity.google.com and you can see every YouTube video you’ve seen so far. It doesn’t bother me YouTube (owned by Google) remembers I’ve been watching videos of dance music since 2009, but it can be a bit embarrassing to learn they still remember you looked up info about impotence, as millions of men have been doing the last couple of years. Or how about a video showing you the best way to fire your staff? Your history discloses a lot of information and sometimes you don’t want others to know about it!

  1. Every spot you visited

I’ve got an iPhone so Google doesn’t know it about me, but if you go to https://www.google.com/maps/timeline?pb chances are pretty high Google shows you a nice map with all the locations you’ve visited. Ever. These are just all the places you’ve been and where you’ve been unlocking your phone. It will stay in the database for years. Weird isn’t it? I don’t live under the impression Apple doesn’t it, they just don’t disclose it yet.

  1. Who am I?

If you ever suffer from amnesia, you can go to https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated?hl=en to get some of your personal preferences back. So Google figured out I’m a male, 25-34 years old, watching NFL (true), listening to dance music (check), watching football (PSV is my team) and I have the weird habit to listen to country music. Google knows it about me, but you probably didn’t! If you’re (un)lucky, your income, living situation and relationship status are mentioned as well.

  1. Your Google archive

You can download this via http://www.google.com/takeout. It took a while for me to get, but the take out files contain all your old files, photos, deleted messages and much more. Huh? So you delete information but it’s still available? Interesting! It was also interesting to see my 195.000 records of search history on Google.com!

  1. Facebook

So let’s go to Facebook. After the latest news, it won’t surprise you they have a lot (and I mean a lot, lot) information about their users. So if you download your own Facebook archive (click here), you can see all your chats, messages, photos, some deleted stuff, apps you’ve been using, and so on. So if I didn’t wake you up yet, now is the time to realise your data is stored forever within these networks.

And that brings me back to the GDPR. Privacy is a serious subject and Google & Facebook are just 2 examples I picked to show you how important it is consumers (like myself) get more ownership of their own data. The GDPR can be a little bit tricky, but generally speaking, it’s doable and a step forward. It will also help you to move forward in securing customer data in a better way. Not necessarily a bad thing.

We’re happy to help you. You can request a free GDPR website audit or you can join one of our free webinars about the subject. We’re happy to help you!

So now might be the time to relax for a few minutes. Perhaps you can watch some cat movies on Facebook or YouTube?

Have a great day!


Edwin Meijer

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