7 Tips to Rank Well in Google

7 Tips to Rank Well in Google

A website is nice, but visitors are required to make it a success! A website that is not ranked well is like a garden centre without a front door. Time to take a good look at the Google rankings of your website and make sure that you pull more relevant traffic!

  1. Use Google Analytics. By making use of this free web statistics tool you can see how many users are visiting your website, where they come from and what they are doing on your website. What’s the point of having a website without measuring the results? Make sure you have access to Analytics. It’s completely free and set up in five minutes.
  2. Think like your customers. A Spathiphyllum is a very common name for you but customers may search more frequently for a peace lily. Make sure you use keywords in your texts using your prospective customers and avoid excessive jargon. Your website focuses on visitors without the specialist knowledge you have yourself.
  3. Use social media. Referrals from Facebook and Pinterest will result in appreciation from Google. The higher the appreciation, the higher your website will rank in search results. Make sure you are active on social media and occasionally refer to your website to increase the popularity of your site.
  4. Keep an eye on the technique. That website created by your neighbour was certainly cheap but is the technique continuously adapted to the requirements of Google? The technical structure of your website is very important and allows Google to index your website smoothly. Failure to update this can work against you here and big Google can push you to a lower place.
  5. Update regularly. News, promotions and tips for visitors on your website are useful and also ensure that your website is more appreciated by Google. Besides that it is smart to inform your visitors well about the products you sell in your garden centre, isn’t it?
  6. Track conversions. Besides the number of visitors, you have to keep an eye on the things they do on your website. How many times is the contact form completed? How many visitors buy something in your online shop? How many requests for a quote do you get for your landscaping department? Knowledge is power and the beauty is that you can exactly see which online marketing campaigns work or may not work.
  7. Your website is built for visitors, not for Google. Don’t over-do search engine optimisation by the use of excessive keywords or writing irrelevant texts. Your website is aimed at future customers and should encourage them to pay you a visit. If possible, you should keep an eye on the requirements of Google but this should not lead to unnatural texts or an illogical website.

Search engine optimisation is a process that never ends: websites and texts can always be improved. At Garden Connect, we have the objective to improve findability step by step and the number of visitors must continuously be slightly higher compared to the previous year. These can be small or large increments as long as progress is being made!

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