An inspirational day in Tilburg

An inspirational day in Tilburg

At the beginning of January, the Garden Connect team had an educational day at Capi and GroenRijk in Tilburg. During the day, Brenda Horstra discussed the latest garden trends, and inspiration was gained to use in 2019. Besides that, it was also good for team building,

The 16 employees within the company (where a total of 41 people work) who are most involved in the garden sector, went to Tilburg by bus early in the morning. Arrived at Capi, Brenda Horstra gave a lecture about the garden trends for 2019 on behalf of Tuinbranche Nederland, the Dutch garden centre association. This provided a lot of inspiration for the content marketers of Garden Connect. One of Brenda’s main points is that our response to flooding solutions could be improved. Presenting correct and practical information when it comes to water storage within garden centre websites or webshops will help consumers to do the right (online) purchases.

A tour at Capi

After Brenda Horstra’s lecture, Capi gave a tour around their showroom and factory. As EFSA member, Capi is one of the most innovative companies in the gardening industry. Capi has received several awards when it comes to its corporate social responsibility: hiring people with a disability and producing environmentally friendly.

Ambitions Garden Connect

Before the lunch, the employees started to consider the ambitions within Garden Connect: what changes will we see in the gardening sector and what does that mean for the company? How can we help garden centres in the coming years and how do we realise their online ambitions? A useful session that made clear which direction Garden Connect should go.

GroenRijk Tilburg

After the lunch, Wim and Marjolein van de Noort from GroenRijk Tilburg gave a guiding tour around their store. GroenRijk Tilburg has been using the services of Garden Connect for many years, and Wim has shown how his company works, where and what challenges he faces, and how choices are made: How do you determine how many metres of shelf space a supplier gets? What do you do if products are not sold? How do you experience the interaction between online & offline marketing? A lot of questions, though Wim and Marjolein had a clear answer to all of them.

The first, inspirational day of Garden Connect was a success: it provided a lot of insight into the gardening sector, it inspired and positively affected the team building. As such, a similar day will be organised in the future!

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