Big Data Turns Loyalty Scheme into Traffic Generator

Big Data Turns Loyalty Scheme into Traffic Generator

Loyalty schemes are an excellent way to collect customer data. However, most garden centres are not getting the most out of their data or are not using it at all. They just send out a cheque every now and then and that’s it. A waste of money and resources since loyalty opens doors which will remain locked for others. Using big data solutions is the trick to get the job done explains Sara Lesslie, account manager at Garden Connect.

“Running a loyalty scheme means you know exactly who visited you, when they did and what they’ve bought. Analysing this data helps to make communication more effective,” explains Sara. “We’re using our own Personal Marketing software which can be integrated with any EPoS. We use the data stored in the EPoS software to send out e-mails, letters and mobile push messages automatically.”

Marketing automation
The key of Personal Marketing is automation: newsletters tend to go out after setting up the e-mail and building an address list. Personal Marketing checks rules to decide what e-mails should go out. “Imagine a customer spends £300 on fruit trees in your centre. Our tool tracks this purchase and will send an e-mail including a YouTube video how to plant those trees within an hour automatically. This helps customers to get more out of their purchases made in your centre and, hopefully, fresh home-grown fruit next year.”

Another example of Personal Marketing is to go after dormant customers: “People tend to sign up for many loyalty schemes but sometimes they forget about it and go to other retailers in their area to make purchases. We can analyse all customers who haven’t been into your garden centre in the last year and send them a promotion to encourage them to come back.

Again, this will be done every day automatically. In one case a garden centre managed to generate a revenue of almost £6,000 within the first 2 weeks after starting. This revenue was generated by customers who hadn’t been there the last year so it’s extra money.” explains Sara. Facebook also plays a role in modern loyalty schemes. Garden Connect launched a solution to integrate Facebook into existing schemes. Customers who link their card to their Facebook account can get a reward if they like or share messages: “It’s not very common yet but loyalty is more than rewarding purchases. It’s about a connection between customer and garden centre so social media should have a role in it”.

Cost effective
Garden Connect analyses customer data and integrates it into it’s Personal Marketing system: “We can integrate with any EPoS provider as long as they are willing to work with us. We’re using the data they hold to try and get more money out of it. The rates of our service are very competitive: the setup is £995 and the monthly costs are £150. We’ve got a list of over 70 emails you can use to give centres a kick-start. From a simple Welcome message after joining, to recipes after buying a Weber barbecue, to birthday e-mails. You name it!”

As an extra benefit Garden Connect can compile reports to get a better understanding what loyalty card holders are doing and what they aren’t. Based on these reports further action can be taken making the scheme even more effective.

Are you interested in learning more about Personal Marketing? Visit the Garden Connect stand at Four Oaks or GLEE or contact us to learn more.

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