Newsletter Statistics

Newsletter Statistics

Have you ever wondered how newsletters in the home and garden industry fair against others?

You may be surprised that in the home and garden sector, newsletters are favoured more against other sectors.

Customers are more likely to open a newsletter if it is related to home and garden industry. In fact 38.7% of people open the newsletters and 4.8% of those click through to your website. Now you may think that is low, but compared with the ecommerce sector (including webshops like Amazon), only a mere 22.2% of those open the email and then only 2.9% click through to their site, even general retail (which includes a lot of the high street brands) only have a 31.0% of people opening their emails! One of the highest is agriculture at 45.4%, so we aren’t that far behind! Another interesting fact is, once customers receive your email only 0.234% of them are likely to unsubscribe.

To help make these figures better and to try and improve your own stats there are a few things you can do:

Subject Line – Make sure your subject is inspiring. Keep it short and simple.

SPAM – To avoid spam filters picking you up, avoid too many exclamation points and don’t use capital letters.

Hard bounce – If you are getting too many hard bounces, you may want to think about refreshing your list. Get in contact with people to see if their email addresses have changed and update them.

Interesting content – Make sure you have interesting content, if your customers don’t like what is being sent to them, they are less likely to open the emails and click through. Write articles that don’t disclose the full information and give them a link through to your website for more information. 

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