Not all USP's are equal: but which should you use?

Not all USP's are equal: but which should you use?

Unique Selling Points are a well-known internet phenomenon: free shipping, a 15-day cooling-off period and many other advantages are listed on online stores, when you reserve a plane ticket or sign up for a newsletter. But not all USP's are equal, and a few words can make a world of difference. In this article, we'll explain to you how to put together the right USP's for your online shop or store!

The most important place to start is making sure the USP's are clear to the customer, rather than thinking from your own perspective. Legislation in Europe stipulates that there is always a 15-day cooling-off period when you purchase something online. If an online shop states "15-day right to withdraw" this would be accurate, but not very friendly. A better option would be "15-day period to return your purchase", which makes your intention clearer. Avoid jargon in your online shop.

Money back guarantee

If a customer returns a product, it's nice for them to know when their money will be reimbursed. "Money-back guarantee" sounds nice, but "Guaranteed refund within 5 days" will inspire more confidence, is clear and complete and will, therefore, lead to more orders.

Delivery time

A different USP we often see concerns stocks and delivery time. Many online shops these days will list "In stock". But what does that really mean? Of course, the customer could come pick up their order in the shop, but it doesn't add much to an online shop. It would be better to say "In stock, order by 10 pm tonight, delivery tomorrow". This way, the customer knows what to expect, since he doesn't care when you package something and hand it to the delivery service. But he does care by when he'll receive his order!

Be creative

The above concerns stocks, delivery and returns. But which USP's can you think of to distinguish yourself from Amazon and other online shops? Be creative and you'll figure it out. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Delivery by our own drivers (when you only deliver in your own area)
  • Any questions? Professional advice before and after your purchase
  • Returns of sale items also accepted
  • Always a 1-year guarantee on all our plants: not satisfied, new plant

It's often a small detail, but it can make a big difference. As soon as visitors have to stop to think, they'll disengage. So keep that in mind and ensure that you list unique USP's that make your shop stand out among your competitors.

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