Online garden sales double in four years!

Online garden sales double in four years!

“This trend is not really surprising us, as UK consumers are leading the path among online shoppers in the world. In 2014, they are spending over £100 billion online. To get an idea of the trend: in December 2012 online sales were £9 billion and 2013 £11 billion.” explains Edwin Meijer, managing director of Garden Connect.

The UK garden industry has annual revenues of about £5 billion, so today not even 10% of the sales are made online. “That doesn’t mean the other 90% isn’t influenced by the internet. Especially for bigger purchases like garden furniture, barbecues and electric tools the internet is an important point of information, early in the purchase process. It’s impossible to put a figure on that trend for just the garden industry, but it’s clear the internet is affecting purchases more than just a simple split between online and offline sales.” A recent study by Deloitte confirms this trend, as over 80% of the customers confirmed they have been using the internet to survey product information before visiting a shop to buy it.

“Another interesting fact is the popularity of Click & Collect: over 25% of the online sales are based on this principle. Retailers like Tesco are quite popular and are paving the path for other retailers to do Click & Collect. Especially if you want to sell your fruit trees online a good way to get started as a garden centre!” concludes Edwin Meijer.

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