Partner up with NedFox

Partner up with NedFox

Garden Connect has teamed up with NedFox’ to integrate their e-marketing services into the cloud-based RetailVista platform. The completely open structure enables seamless integration of unlimited services, via their unique ERP Suite.

ERP is business process management software, that allows a company to use a system of integrated applications (the service platform) to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Cloud-based systems are fundamental to this process. 

There are many advantages to implementing ERP including increased efficiencies, improved productivity, decrease costs and streamlined processes. The partnership with Garden Connect adds a whole range of online- and offline marketing opportunities to ERP: personal marketing, a more effective loyalty scheme and improved webshop are just three of them. 

There are to date already over 50 garden centres that use the NedFox ePOS system fully integrated with the Garden Connect marketing services. 

Edwin Meijer of Garden Connect says “the partnership between our companies allows garden centres to do outstanding, innovative things which can’t be done without a strong partnership between a cloud-based ePOS provider and online marketing agency.”



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