Polhill: "E-mail marketing keeps us top of mind"


'One of the best things about our newsletter is we get to promote ourselves regularly, and especially when there are events taking place at one of our garden centres. We have spent a lot of time and effort in getting customers to sign up to our newsletter. We ask for their details at checkout, but some are reluctant to give out their details. We have, however, still managed to build a good database of online customers. We now have over 10,000 subscribers and we are continuing to build on this.'

'For us, our newsletter is a way of letting our customers know what we are up to and what we can do to help. Sometimes we find it can be hard to write fresh, regular content for our nesletters but we do try our best and with the help of Garden Connect there is less pressure on us to keep producing content.'

'Today it is all about sharing and the best way to share is to provide information which we think our customers will find interesting and useful. Garden Connect provide us with excellent gardening tips, plant of the week highlights and other useful gardening information. We use the content Garden Connect prepare as a starting point and then add our own content to the newsletter. We like to keep Polhill in the minds of our customers. It allows us to build up a relationship with our existing customers and in the long run, it creates a long-term relationship. From our experience, this has led to more sales in both of our garden centres.'



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