Rochfords Nurseries Launches App for Ordering

Rochfords Nurseries Launches App for Ordering

Garden Connect has developed an easy-to-use order app for Rochfords Nurseries (Hertford) allowing its trade customers to make orders from their smartphone while they are purchasing plants. Due to the size of the nursery and lack of proper internet connection the app can run both on- and offline.

Guy Massey of Rochfords: “Processing manually written forms takes a lot of time and mistakes are made easily because of bad handwriting. We purchased a set of cheap Android phones, installed the app on it so all visitors can use it to order plants.”

The ordering process is very easy. The app allows visitors to enter a product number or scan a barcode. The visitor can create a shopping list and return to the office of the nursery once done. At the office, a collection note is printed automatically and orders are sent over to the back office system for further processing. Massey: “A time saving, modern and customer friendly process we’re very happy with!”.

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