Three reasons why you should ask attendees of your event for a review

Three reasons why you should ask attendees of your event for a review

So, your event was a huge success: your customers gave you compliments and your staff were happy it went all so smoothly. How can you use that momentum and turn it into a long-term benefit for your garden centre? With the experience of helping garden centres to sell tickets for a wide range of events, we share the top three reasons why you should ask your customers to write a review after visiting an event.

The online ticketing service we offer allows garden centres to invite customers to write an e-mail immediately after visiting an event. This email should thank them for visiting your centre but should also include a ‘call to action’, asking them to write an online review.

1. Spread the word on Facebook
Customers who just visited a successful event will be willing to share photos, comments and mention other people when they write something about your event. Simply ask them to write a short review on your Facebook Business Page or to share their best photo. Consider also adding the incentive of a small prize draw for anyone who takes the time to participate. This will increase the buzz about your brand, increase the number of Facebook followers and will add some valuable five-star rated reviews to your Facebook page.

2. Improve your Google ranking 

Google reviews are a great way of improving the effectiveness of your Google search results, as well as on Google Maps. Why not, ask everyone who visited your event to write a review on Google. It’s not as advanced as Facebook but will definitely help to improve your brand online!

3. Figure out what you can do better

This might be the most important reason to send an e-mail after your event took place - you can ask your customers what they didn’t like. Refer customers with extensive feedback and comments to a dedicated form on your website so they can share their suggestions and complaints with you. Customers who complain are mostly loyal customers and your team can learn from their comments.

To summarise - by sending out the right e-mail you’ll get positive reviews on Facebook and Google while complaints will be redirected to your own website.

The positive reviews can be used as an endorsement for your next event and will be visible all year long so make sure to send out this e-mail – it’s all automated! Are you interested to learn more about the online ticketing services Garden Connect is offering? Contact us on 0203 475 5541, go to or visit us at Glee (hall 19, stand R32). 

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