What's your Katy Perry rate?

What's your Katy Perry rate?

As you might know I travel across to the UK almost every week. Sometimes to visit garden centres like yours or to work from our office in Luton. Last week I visited Frosts Garden Centre. That won’t really interest you but I took some nice photos – and eventually I will explain the title of this message as well!

The main thing which interested me at Frosts was the number of ready-to-use products like these two examples. We try to make clear that such products are very profitable to sell online as well as you can’t do any price comparison on them. And let’s face it: customers don’t want to buy plants, they want to buy a nice spot in their garden or home:

A thing you rarely see at Dutch garden centres but which is widely available in the UK are potatoes. A nice extra touch at Frosts is the description how to use the potatoes and in what kind of recipes:

Talking about food: do you happen to know what a bunch of carrots cost at Tescos? In Amsterdam you have to spend about £1,30 to get them. Normally, fruit and vegs are cheaper in the UK (you never thought it was, did you?) but at Tesco you need to pay £1.50 to get your carrots and at Frotsts £1.75. Now that’s a good margin!

In Holland we’re having a lot of issues with planning permissions to get allowance to sell fruit & vegs and even coffee shops are normally not allowed. Imagine your garden centre without a coffee shop… At Frosts they even sell freshly baked bread. This image was taken around 11 am and most of the bread was already sold. Interesting!

A nice trick is this sign at the tills. If the shopping cart is packed with compost customers can’t put anything else in it which is costing you money. Have you also tried to push a shopping cart with 7 bags of soil trough a garden centre? 

It’s a small step from the sign above to a webshop like Longacres is doing or as we did for the Otter Nursery. Last but not least you might be aware all marketing gurus are saying you should tell a story. Frosts is doing their storytelling at the tills:

Okay, that was just a quick roundup of one of my many visits. The main purpose for my visits was to talk about online marketing by the way, but that won’t surprise you. Apart from working I also happen to have a private life. Two weeks ago on a Monday night I visited the concert of Katy Perry in Amsterdam. You may laugh about it but the show was pretty awesome!

The reason why I’m mentioning this is that a lot of the visitors were teenagers between 14 and 18 (and myself as the exception). They weren’t using their mobile phones once in a while: they were using their smartphone during the 3 hour show non-stop!! Katy Perry is using the smartphone-love of the spectators in her favour by making selfies and movies with the phones of the girls & boys:

During the event my view was about this. Luckily they weren’t that tall yet: 

Teenagers visiting a Katy Perry concert are not really interesting for your centre, but how is that generation shopping in 10 years? How are you going to sell them something in the next decade, when they start buying houses or apartments? Katy Perry has found the glue and has over 70 million followers on Facebook and her Youtube videos are viewed hundreds of millions time. It’s not a game – it’s big business!

So let’s finish todays e-mail with the question what your Katy Perry rate is?

Enjoy your day!

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