Who's buying online?

Who's buying online?

The latest HTA Market Report focuses on online sales with the garden industry and guess who’s buying online? 22% of money spent online, by people within the age group 45 – 54, is spent on the garden, apart from on plants.

The HTA Market Report shows the difference between all garden related purchases on any garden plants:

And all purchases excluding plants:

As the HTA Market Report shows it’s not just the younger customers who spend money online: consumers aged 45 -54 spend 22% of their money online, just on gardening products. The differences disappear if you include plants in the results, but it still shows the older age group are buying online massively.  The report also shows another surprise: the total number of online sales on any garden plant in the age group 45-54 is still around 8%, which is the same as in 2014.

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