Online Plant Finder

Do you want to showcase the plants you are offering to your customers? The online plant finder from Garden Connect offers you over 5,000 plants including photos and valuable information like soil type and size. 

You can implement the plant finder on any website whether you are an existing customer of Garden Connect or not. Integrating the plant finder is as easy as copying text to your site. For just £25 per month, the plant finder is a useful service for your customers!

OVER 5,000




The plant finder is white labelled and can be styled the way you want. We do not have the ambition to add every single plant in the UK, but we focus on the plants you sell: the purpose of the plant finder is to generate more revenue for your garden centre! The plant finder is updated every week, and it contains:

  • Flexible search functions
  • Detailed information of plants
  • Close-up photos
  • Garden styles
  • Responsive versions for mobile and tablet

You can even add or remove as many plants as you want to make it more personal. One of the unique features of the plant finder are the garden styles: beautiful gardens with a plant list so your customer knows which plants to buy. Visitors can also create their own plant list. Have a look at a demo or contact us for more information. 

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