Do you want to give your customers an excellent shopping experience? Are you looking for ways to engage with your customers in a more modern way? The OpSuite Loyalty App will help you to achieve just that - and a lot more! 

The OpSuite Loyalty App powered by Garden Connect includes Loyalty, Scan & Go and Hospitality modules. Each module is designed in line with your garden centre’s branding. The app uses real-time OpSuite data to link products, pricing, promotions and keep track of customer information. This allows you to transform the way you interact with your customers and reward loyalty through targeted activities. Campaign effectiveness is easily monitored. Saving you time, effort and costs compared to more traditional generic mass mailings.

Reward your customers

Your customers can download your garden centre’s Loyalty App for free via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After registering themselves via the app by using the option “Register” on the login page for the loyalty card, Garden Connect will push all the information to the OpSuite API which will assign a loyalty card number. Customers will then be automatically logged into the app, and a confirmation and/or welcome email will be sent to the new users automatically.

In the app, it’s possible to send coupons to cardholders. For example, every member will get 20% off. The barcode linked to the coupon is always unique for each cardholder. In the OpSuite Loyalty App, you will be able to add any data to coupons. Users of the app can scroll down to easily access all coupons. Clearly showing the title, expiry date, image and barcode, which can be scanned at the till immediately.

Easy shopping with the Scan & Go Loyalty App

Do you want to offer your customers an easy and modern way of shopping? Enhance your OpSuite Loyalty App with the unique Scan & Go module. With this Scan & Go extension, the customer is able to create a digital shopping cart in the app whilst walking through the garden centre, scanning products with the camera on their phone and adding them to their trolley. The app will instantly check the barcode for the current price with OpSuite. When ready, payment is simple. Customers can pay by scanning the in-app barcode at the tills and completing the purchase just like any other transaction. If desired, they can also choose to pay immediately via the card that is linked to their app. Soon, customers can pay via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Let customers place orders in your restaurant

The OpSuite Loyalty App also features the Hospitality module, which enables your customers to order directly from their table in your restaurant. Your customers can scroll through the menu, select food and drinks, add them to the basket and place the order. Customers can choose to pay via the app or pay at the till. Once the payment has been completed, the order is pushed to OpSuite automatically and will fire the required kitchen printers.

Benefits for your garden centre

The OpSuite Scan & Go Loyalty App and Hospitality module helps to minimise contact with the products purchased, avoid queues at the tills, and streamline the shopping experience. In addition, the customers’ receipts are stored in their app for easy viewing or returns, saying goodbye to the lost receipt forever and helping create a greener and more sustainable future.

By offering this functional app to your customers, you will gain insights into their shopping behaviour, save costs for hardcopy loyalty cards and mailings, automate the personal offers for your customers, and most of all offer a unique app that reflects your garden centre’s branding.

Your customers are ready

Retailers such as Creative Gardens, Henry Street Garden Centre and Pennells have already benefited from the OpSuite Loyalty App during lockdown and beyond. Stewarts Garden Centres and Scotsdales Garden Centres have taken a further step by introducing the OpSuite Scan & Go App. Lauren Cambridge of Scotsdales explains: “We have already seen a huge increase in sign-ups and the popularity of our loyalty scheme. We are excited by the possibilities of continued developments and how this will shape the future of shopping at Scotsdales.” 

Michael Saddler of Stewarts shares the reason why they introduced the Scan & Go Loyalty App: “We are pleased to have been involved in the Opsuite Scan & Go App from the very beginning and believe this provides our customers with a fantastic enhancement to their shopping experience".

To see the "Your Scotsdales Scan & Go Loyalty App in action, please watch the video:

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