RetailVista is the EPoS system by Nedfox that is used by many garden centres and other retailers. With RetailVista you can get the most out of your website, webshop and loyalty card.

Garden Connect has more than 125 active integrations with RetailVista and is one of our preferred partners.

RetailVista integration webshop

By using a realtime connection between the webshop and your till system we can ensure that your product information and stock levels are always kept up to date, allowing you to serve customers in an optimal manner. Prices are also synced automatically so that the webshop and shop floor are always on the same page.  

Webshop EbookSpecial promotions like Mix & Match or Multibuy are also possible through the RetailVista integration. Our integration even extends to vouchers and gift cards allowing a customer to experience the same quality online and offline. 

RetailVista and Orders

In the case of larger purchases like garden furniture, canopies or paving stones most customers choose for home delivery. RetailVista enables this by generating a sales order for delivery at a later point in time. 

Due to the integration between RetailVista and Garden Connect the customer can then stay on top of the current status of his or her order via their online account or via your own app.

RetailVista and Loyalty

Does your garden centre have a loyalty card? Allow customers to register through your website. This allows them to activate the card directly and use it for both online and offline purchases. Improving the user experience and creating more opportunities for sales. 

Garden Connect RetailVista LoyaltyThis can even be extended to your own garden centre loyalty app. Allowing customers to choose to use their smartphone instead of a physical card!

RetailVista and Personal Marketing

Our RetailVista integration also extends to users of loyalty cards and offers garden centres extra services. It is possible to set up automatic offers that trigger in certain conditions. 

Garden Connect Tablet LoyaltyWhen a customer makes a purchase, online or offline, you can directly email them their receipt including handy tips for the product they just purchased. Maybe send customers who haven’t visited in a while a coupon to incentivise them to come by again or send a congratulatory email to a customer whose birthday it is. 

The possibilities of personal marketing are endless.

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RetailVista integration

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