Amazon is the largest online seller in the world. By selling your products on Amazon, you do not only reach customers in your own country, but you also reach them beyond the borders. With Amazon's integration into the Garden Connect Platform, you can easily add, manage and ship products from your garden centre.

An integration with Amazon can be a great addition to reach more people with your webshop and will help you to boost your sales. 

Integrating product information to Amazon

Amazon has very specific requirements for providing product information, and thanks to our integration, your webshop complies with all of them. 

Everything you sell in your own garden centre webshop can be linked to your Amazon, via their category distribution and a number of mandatory entry fields. Once the information is in place, your product will appear on Amazon. 

Please keep in mind that to make this integration, you need to set up an Amazon Associate Account.

Order handling

Is an order coming in via Amazon? It will automatically be added to the back-end of your webshop in our Garden Connect Platform. You can also choose to link your webshop to a POS system, so that your Amazon orders will also be forwarded to your POS. 

This way, your accounts and stock will automatically be updated, without you having to do anything. 

The invoice and packing slip are generated automatically and can be used to ship the order. Adjust the status of the order in the Garden Connect Platform once you ship the product, to inform your new customer. He or she can now look forward to receiving their order!

The benefits of an Amazon integration 

We like to think beyond borders, this is reflected by the wide range of countries that we offer our services to such as Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom and many more. 

There are several benefits of working with Amazon, such as: 

  • The ability to sell both nationally and internationally

  • Reaching a wider audience 

  • It’s an easy process with minimal extra steps, which can lead to a considerable increase of sales

  • The orders will automatically be synchronized with your POS system and in our Garden Connect Platform, so the extra orders won’t cause extra hassle. 

We’re happy to help you to decide whether Amazon is the best marketplace to integrate with. 

What we do at Garden Connect to make Amazon work for you

It might sound overwhelming to sell your products on another platform, but our integration works smoothly and connects in real-time. All orders will be up-to-date within our Garden Connect Platform and on your EPOS system. 

We can arrange all the preparations to make the integration go smoothly, and after that, all you have to do is link the products to your Amazon account. This is simply a process of checking the boxes of the products that you would like to sell on Amazon. 

If you have any questions about this process, we’re always happy to help. Contact your account manager for more information, or reach out to us by calling (+44) 203 475 5541 or send an email to


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