At Garden Connect, we’re happy to be a member of EFSA, the European Floral and lifestyle Suppliers Association. Our partnership with the EFSA brings together our knowledge of online marketing and the latest trends in the industry. 

This enables us to advise you with up to date knowledge about the industry. It also helps our team of content marketeers to stay up to date and to provide customers with the latest gardening & home deco trends. 

About EFSA

EFSA was founded in 1995 to provide a voice to advance the global competitiveness of the floral, gardening and lifestyle industry. Over the years, EFSA has united members from Belgium, France, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The network is a source of inspiration and a great way to share future trends with engaged teams in the industry. 

EFSA’s activities

In the EFSA network, we get in touch with various passionate collaborators in the industry. We attend the bi-annual member meetings to get inspired by the latest trends, but we’re also invited to expert lectures, trade shows and the EFSA trend forecast. 

Garden Connect translates the trends provided by EFSA into ready-to-use news items, blogs and landing pages. This helps you to generate more traffic from Google and social media to your website and garden centre. 

Innovation in the garden industry

At Garden Connect we’re driven to bring innovation into the garden industry. We are specialized in marketing-related innovations and we’re always looking for new ways to serve our customers. Our EFSA membership is a source of inspiration and insights in the market which we integrate with our future plans. 

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