Garden Connect is proud to be a member of the GCA: the Garden Centre Association. The GCA was founded around 50 years ago when the early pioneers in the British garden industry wanted to make plants available year-round. Until early 1960, garden centres didn’t exist as we know them now. 

Gardeners used to buy their plants from nurseries or by mail order. The first garden centres came into existence when the idea arose to sell plants in containers year-round. When the association was set up, one of the first decisions was to set up an inspection scheme, to grant members an ‘Approved Centre’ status. These inspections still take place today. 

Garden Connect works for many of the most prominent GCA members across the UK. 

The GCA annual congress and events

As a member of the GCA, we attend the annual congresses to be in touch with members in the industry. We exchange knowledge and ideas with other members and we have also presented some of our findings on annual events. We like to collaborate with members of the GCA who are striving to perform on a high standard for both their products and their services. 

High standards

GCA members strive to be the best in class and Garden Connects’ mission is to offer the best possible online marketing services to garden centres. 

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