Global Payments is a global payment provider that we can integrate with our international clients, anywhere from Canada to the United Kingdom. Global Payments offers a variety of payment solutions customized to the garden industry. With Global Payments international customers are easier to reach and to serve with suitable payment options. 

The benefits of working with Global Payments

If you choose to integrate your webshop with Global Payments, we can arrange a smooth integration for you. There are several benefits to choosing Global Payments:

  • Multiple payment methods to serve your customers with their preferred choice

  • Reach global customers

  • Simplify repeat transactions

The payment methods that you can use to serve international customers vary from digital wallets to various card payments and other alternative payment methods. 

We can integrate Global Payments with your webshop

We like to think and work beyond borders. That’s why we also serve customers in Canada, the United Kingdom and Sweden as a Dutch Company. To help you to think and work beyond borders, we can integrate your webshop with Global Payments, to make the order process easier and to serve more international customers. 

For more information, you can contact us on (+44) 203 475 5541 or e-mail

Global payments

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