The HTA is the Horticultural Trade Association and from day one, we’ve been a member of the association since it’s important for us to learn and to be able to share the knowledge we have. 

The HTA has 1400 members, including garden retailers, growers, manufacturers and landscapers. For the various members there are several advantages and reasons to join the HTA. The HTA is a source of information and support and besides that, offers very interesting and inspiring events. For us, the partnership with the HTA offers a nice overview of the British industry and allows us to meet passionate entrepreneurs in the horticultural industry. 


Since our incorporation, the HTA has invited us to join events and to give presentations about:

As always, Garden Connect is happy to share some of its unique experience in the garden industry with HTA members and will continue to do that in the years to come. We also deliver our marketing services to the HTA National Plant Show. 

For more information about our collaborations with the HTA, or for possibilities to help your business grow online please contact us at or call (+44) 203 475 5541.


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