The IGCA is the International Garden Centre Association. All major trade associations in the garden industry are a member of the IGCA. Garden Connect embraced the annual IGCA Congress since 2017 and is using the platform to share some of our unique knowledge and experience. 

The first IGCA app by Garden Connect 

Prior to the 2019 IGCA Congress, the IGCA used to work with congress-books for their delegates: a time-consuming process and also a bit unwieldy for younger delegates. 

For the 2019 congress, Garden Connect and the British Garden Centre Association teamed up to develop an app to replace those congress-books. The app provided information about the tour that was part of the congress. After each visit, the app users received a notification to leave their rating. 

The app was a big step towards less paperwork and enabled the garden centres to have immediate access to the feedback and ratings. 

Garden Connect is a proud sponsor of the IGCA

We are proud sponsors of the IGCA because we highly value the position of the Garden Centre Association to share information about online marketing. For questions, please contact us by emailing or call (+44) 203 475 5541.


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