Javadoplant UK is one of the biggest suppliers of both indoor and outdoor plants in the United Kingdom. Javadoplant and Garden Connect teamed up to offer innovative services to garden centres. Our goal is to help you to sell more plants online & in-store!

Javadoplant UK for plant details on your webshop 

Javado was founded in 1982 and was one of the first exporters to directly supply garden centres. By partnering with Javado we have made it easy and accessible for our British customers to choose for a ready-made webshop including all product information from the Javadoplant stock. 

This ready-to-use webshop includes:

  • Up to date stock info from Javado

  • Product information

  • Paypal payments

You can contact Javadoplant UK directly if you want to use the ready-to-use webshop to sell plants.

Plant information

Content is one of the key ingredients for a successful website. Especially when it comes to webshops, product information is very important to help your customers decide and choose the right products. For plants, background information like water and care needs are highly important. 

Garden Connect integrated its’ plant database with the ordering tool of Javadoplant, allowing you to get weekly updates about the plans you bought, including:

  • Photos

  • Common- and Latin names

  • Specifications

  • Descriptions

This helps you to keep your website and webshop up to date. 

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