POSitive for Retails is an ERP system developed for nurseries. We have integrated the Garden Connect Platform with POSitive for Retail to offer a time-saving solution to nurseries and garden centres in the UK and Ireland. 

Integrating POSitive with your webshop makes running your business a lot easier. Stock, sales, popular items, and real-time updates make it easier for you to combine your online store with the physical store. 

Innovative solutions

The POS system by POSitive for Retail is an innovative solution that improves the performance, reliability and transaction efficiency of your business. 

It enables you to:

  • Control your stock real-time: returns, sales, or new stocks are all processed in the system to have a clear overview of what you have in stock. All this info is synced with your nursery or garden centre webshop to make sure data is 100% accurate.
  • Create an easier sales process: various tools within the system help you to ease the sales process. For example, flexible pricing, price overrides and gift cards, and the built-in barcode label designer are some of the practical tools. 
  • All online sales are pushed back to POSitive instantly so you can process them. 
  • Customer management: track customer purchases to create loyalty programs. There is also a possibility to have quick and easy access to a customer’s orders, and the possibility to adjust or automatic discounts.
  • The webshop integration with POSitive allows you to set up bespoke pricing per customer.

POSitive webshop integration

There are several ways to integrate your online and offline sales, so a new webshop doesn’t have to cause extra hassle. We are here to help you along the way. Our team can arrange the integration and webshop development with POSitive for Retail. After that, we can optimise the content of your newly built webshop to reach your goals. 

For more information about these integrations, please call us on (+44) 203 475 5541 or send an email to info@gardenconnect.com

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