Personal Marketing

​Effective and personal communication

Do you have a loyalty scheme but aren't using the valuable customer data? Do you only give away points and discounts and don't have personal tailor made communication per customer? Garden Connect allows you to communicate directly with each individual customer based on shopping behaviour and recent purchases: personal marketing. 

Personal Marketing allows you to communicate at the right moment with the right customer via the right channel. By sending relevant information you can communicate more frequently with your customer without being annoying. For example:

  • An e-mail with tasty recipes sent out just before a sunny bank holiday weekend to all customers who purchased a barbecue in the last 3 years.
  • A reminder to all customers who haven't redeemed their loyalty card credit in January or February.
  • Send loyal customers who visited you 4 times during the last 30 days a voucher for your garden café to get more traffic on weekdays.
  • Tips to plant a newly purchased olive tree. Is winter coming? Send tips on how to protect the tree against frost. 
  • An automated birthday e-mail with a voucher.

Garden Connect allows you to communicate via e-mail, mobile or post. Together with you we setup relevant communications for your most important product groups and objectives. The smart technology of Garden Connect saves you time: you setup the so called recipes once and from there on everything goes automatically. On top of that Garden Connect can provide you with all messages, photos and videos you want to use! 

Your loyalty card will evolve from an old fashioned loyalty card into a traffic generator without losing your margin!​

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