Plant data

Plants are your most important product group. Garden Connect offers solutions to display your plants in the best possible way: online and offline. 

Our database

We aim to get 40,000 plants on our database and are well on our way of making that happen. You can look at our plant portal to get a glimpse of the data we have. This includes:

  • High-res photos
  • Specifications
  • Latin- and local names

We have a unique service to create Google-friendly texts for each individual plant in many languages. These are not just horribly written google translations. We offer genuine and unique descriptions.

Plant signing

If you want to create professional signs to promote plants in-store, our signing tool is the best way forward. You can use our tool to create signs:

  • Photos
  • Prices
  • Useful info/USP’s

Our signing tool can be used by your plant-team to create signs on the spot. Every sign will have the same look & feel, making sure your garden centre looks consistent.

Website or product data

If you want to use our data to set up a plant finder on your website or to improve the plant information on your webshop, you can reach out to us as well.  

Get in touch

Does the idea of having a database of close to 40.000 plants with information and pictures sound good? Contact us via or call +44 202 475 5541. You can also check the brands we're already working for or go to our blog for more online marketing ideas for garden centres.