Many thank for your interest in our services and pricing model. All our services are based on fixed quotes. No open-ends or surprises. Our monthly service fees cover support, hosting & anything else you need to use the Garden Connect platform.

Independent garden centres

Currently, over 300 of your colleagues already use our services. Among them are the biggest independent garden centres of the UK, Netherlands and Belgium. But also many smaller garden centres and nurseries are using our services and expertise to grow their business.

They can all afford our services and so can you.

Long term partnerships

Since we were found in 2002, we’ve focused on long term relationships with our customers and tried to help them to grow their business. Some of our customers have been with us for 15+ years and we're very proud to have such a loyal customer base.

But we also know loyal partnerships don't start with a discussion about pricing: they start with a discussion about ambitions, challenges and opportunities. 

The question is not what the prices of our services are, the question is how we can make your business more successful. What are your ambitions and goals for the years to come?

What would it be worth to you if we can make that happen?


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