Garden Centre Ticketing

Flexible, scalable, mobile friendly solutions for just £0.35 per ticket

More and more garden centres are organising events like a Santa's Grotto, ice rink, high-tea in your restaurant, bus trip and much more. Selling tickets at the centre can be time-consuming, it’s difficult to monitor your capacity and consumers don’t want to visit your centre just to buy a ticket.

Selling tickets online solves these struggles and will allow you to save time & sell more tickets.

Scalable & flexible
Garden Connect has developed a scalable and flexible online ticketing solution which works well, even if you don’t host your website or webshop with us. The ticketing system is:

  • Designed in your own colours and style
  • Suitable for small and big events
  • Easy to manage
  • Mobile friendly
  • Secured and GDPR compliant

We help you to improve your processes before, during and after the customer visit. Your customers will receive a professional e-ticket in your design which you can scan via our free to use the mobile app. This state of the art process helps you to give your valuable customers a professional experience during your event.

Website integration
We help you to integrate your ticketing pages into your existing website. This will require a few minutes of your time at most and our dedicated support team is happy to support you during the integration and thereafter. Support is included in our fees and we don’t have any hidden fees or costs.

How does it work?
Some garden centres have ongoing events, like a Sunday afternoon high tea which is available every week. Others are having seasonal events, like a Grotto or Easter Egg hunt. Regardless of the number of visitors you expect, our flexible ticket solution will fit your requirements. We cover everything via our new online ticketing service:

  • Online sales
  • Phone / offline sales
  • Upselling
  • One-off events or ongoing table bookings
  • Secure payments
  • Digital tickets
  • E-mail reminders and follow up

Scan app
You can export all data for each event to Excel to process it. You can also use the free scan app we provide. This Android- and iPhone based app allows you to scan barcodes and grant customers access to your events.

A smart and easy way to scan tickets helping you to save time and to offer a smooth entrance. 

Just £0.35 per ticket issued. Contact us for more information about the setup & integration. 


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