E-Commerce in the garden industry

Are you ready for the online challenge?

In this whitepaper, we explain important trends and analysis which are affecting your garden centre from day to day. You may not see it, but the internet is playing a huge role in the behaviour of your customers. We're here to help you to understand this better so you can move your business into the right direction. Almost 10% of the UK gardening sales were online in 2017 and the number is growing year on year: what other reason do you need to start learning more about e-commerce? 

Apart from that, this whitepaper explains how the mobile phone changed shopping behaviour: both online and offline since consumers are using their phone all day long and at any location, including your store. We also unravel ways to grow your webshop and the order of the process might surprise you. on top that, we also look at the impact of shopping platforms like Amazon: what opportunities do they offer to independent garden centres?

This whitepaper is a must-read for every garden centre who wants to grow: we like a challenge but the question is if you're the one who will be growing?

Just enter your details on the right and we will send you the whitepaper E-commerce in the garden industry. Since we're curious to learn your thoughts, we will call you a few days after downloading the magazine. Enjoy!


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