GC Magazine

Dedicated to garden centres!

The iPhone wasn’t invented, Google had to start their journey to world domination and Facebook wasn’t even found: a lot has changed since we incorporated in 2002! Our company has changed a lot since then as well: we currently have 27 staff members, offices in Luton and Amsterdam and currently over 300 garden centres in 4 countries are using our services. That makes us proud!

From day 1 we had a good connection with garden centres: as boys from a small town near Amsterdam we like to be upfront, honest and we’re keeping our promises. We recognise these three characteristics in many people within the garden industry. 

Of course, things may go the wrong way every now and then but even at those moments, you can count on each other. That’s not a common practice in other industries! 

This magazine doesn’t give you a comprehensive look back on the last 15 years. That’s nice for us but you probably won’t really care about it. Instead, we’re giving you tips on how to attract young mothers to your garden centre, give you food for thought for your webshop and will show you how personalising your website has great benefits. That’s a lot more interesting for you to read and will make your business even more successful during the rest of 2017!

Enjoy & I look forward meeting you!

Edwin Meijer


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