Do you want more visitors to your garden centre?

Do you want to get more visitors to your garden centre? Garden Connect has been helping garden centres to generate more footfall via innovative online marketing solutions since 2002. Over 250 garden centres in 4 countries already benefit from on our extensive service scheme: are you next?

How we work
Every garden centre is unique and requires a different approach. To get started we would like to arrange a meeting or a free 30-minute online consultation which can be scheduled via the form on this page. We need to know what challenges you have, what your ambitions are and what your current situation is. Once we have a clear overview we can show you the best practices that other garden centres are using and how this would help your garden centre to be more successful.

How we get more visitors to your garden centre
Our extensive service ranges help you to drive more visitors to your garden centre. Based on your objectives and situation we're able to provide:

  • Bespoke websites including gardening news & tips.
  • EPoS integrated webshops, including Swan, RetailVista, Eazitill, OpenRetail and more.
  • Personal Marketing to enhance your loyalty scheme.
  • E-mail marketing solutions including content.
  • Search engine optimisation & remarketing to boost your online visibility.
  • Bespoke apps.

At Garden Connect we understand you're not interested in fancy technology: you want to drive more visitors to your garden centre or webshop. And that's exactly what we do! 

Do you want to learn more? Request a free 30-minute online consultation via the form on the right or call +44 203 475 5541. 


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  • Garden Forum
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  • The HTA
  • Swan Retail
  • Garden Centre Association
  • Garden Centre Retail
  • EFSA
  • Growmaster
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