Garden Connect is hosting free webinars to inspire and inform you. The webinars take about 45 minutes and you can join from any device via our online tool. The number of spots for our webinars is limited so be sure to subscribe as soon as possible. You can sign up for 1 or more webinars at once. All webinars are free to join and the sessions about Google Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation and "10 things a garden centre website should have" are interesting for everyone from the industry, whether you're using our services or not.

All webinars start at 9.30 am and we will send you an e-mail with instructions how to join the day before. 

Frontpage - Tuesday 18/9 and Thursday 20/9
What will be covered in this webinar:

- Create blocks and place them on the front page
- Change the order of the blocks
- Choose a layout (image/ text block/ size)
- Blocks with content from Garden Connect
- Offers block
- (De)activating seasonal blocks
- Uploading a picture at a navigation block

Header images - Tuesday 25/9 and Thursday 27/9

- Creating a header
- Add a link to your header (for example to a page from the product range or webshop)
- Set headers for particular months per year (seasonal headers)
- Set headers for specific pages
- How to create your own header? Tips about online editing tools and images for free and without copyright

Content pages & editing - Tuesday 2/10 and Thursday 4/10

- Create pages
- Copy/ Paste tekst the right way
- Tips & Tricks about the illustrator
- Add images
- Create links to other pages on your website, links to PDFs or links from images
- Full understanding of the navigation menu, also known as the backbone of your website
- Setting up redirects

10 things a garden centre website should have - Wednesday 3/10

- What's the most important information on your website?
- How to keep your website up to date?
- Best practices
- How to find the right image for your website
- Writing Google & user friendly content

Offers & vacancies - Tuesday 9/10 and Thursday 11/10

- Create your own offers
- Set the period of time the offer is valid for
- Add them to the front page + navigation menu
- Creating vacancies
- Add them to Indeed

Forms - Tuesday 16/10 and Thursday 18/10

- Create your own form + understanding of the features
- Add the form to a particular webpage

Christmas special - Tuesday 23/10 and Thursday 25/10

- Create a navigation block
- Create a Christmas header
- Create a page with content about Christmas
- Adjust the menu of your tearoom or restaurant
- Newsletter content about Christmas
- Adjust your opening hours
- Create a photo album with pictures about the Christmas product range + Christmas Grotto

Google Analytics - Tuesday 30/10 and Thursday 1/11

- Interesting insights in the most important statistics of your website
- Tips and tricks on the most important features of Google Analytics
- Turning statistics in Google Analytics into sales opportunities

Conversion optimisation - Thursday 8/11

- Improving your website to get more orders
- How to optimise your website on mobile to get more orders
- Analysing Google Analytics to find ways to improve your webshop
- Don't make them think: how to help your customers during the order process

Newsletters - Tuesday 13/11 and Thursday 15/11

- Create your own newsletter
- Edit the content from Garden Connect
- Full understanding of the illustrator
- Creating your own newsletter layout
- Scheduling the newsletter
- Updating newsletter after the template has been updated
- Understanding of the statistics such as opening rate,
- Things to keep in mind regarding the GDPR (these are tips and no legal advice!)
- Interesting insights on how to get more newsletter subscriptions

Webshop part 1- Tuesday 20/11 and Thursday 22/11

- Making a product import
- Creating frontpages
- Adding brands
- Setting up categories + texts
- Properties of a product
- Adding products - mandatory and additional fields
- Emails
- Interesting insights about how to increase your conversion rate

Webshop part 2 - Tuesday 27/11 and Thursday 29/11

- Action appearances
- Discount codes
- Creating product tabs for the webshop
- Shipping conditions
- Bulk editing
- Review settings
- Interesting insights about how to increase your conversion rate

The webinars are interactive so you can ask any questions you might have. All you need to do now is filling in the form on the right. 


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