At various points in the year, Garden Connect will be hosting several webinars for garden centres. The webinars will cover everything from social media and search engine optimisation to e-commerce and personal marketing!

Updating your product range: How to update your product range on your website (customers only) - Tuesday 14th March at 10.00am
You can do a whole lot of things with your product range! First thing you should do is to update it to match your centre and get it personalised. You can add specific offers to your range to keep your customers informed of your range and products. Here you'll learn how to update it, add offers and make it work for your website and centre. 

Adding Photo Albums: How to add photo albums and use them creatively on your website (customers only) - Friday 24th March at 10.00am
As we all know, a picture says a thousand words. Show off your creative displays, your gorgeous plants & yummy cakes by adding a photo album.  You can do a lot with photo albums so you'll learn how to use it to your advantage. 

10 things you must do to be successful online! Wednesday 20th April at 10.00 am
Supercharge your online presence with these 10 valuable tips. A webinar about SEO, security, clickbait & a lot more! 

All webinars will take about 45 minutes of which the last 15 minutes are dedicated to answering your questions. 

Do you want to join one or more of these free webinars? Just sign up via the form on this page!