Of all the visitors on your webshop, only 2% make a purchase. How can you convince the other 98% to press the “Buy” button?

We have selected the top 6 strategies you need to adopt to get more sales from your webshop visitors. These are all practical things you can do yourself in-house and are applicable to you whether your webshop is hosted by Garden Connect or not.

In this whitepaper we will discuss the following topics: 
  • How to optimise your product pages. 
  • How to bring your webshop to life with Augmented Reality.
  • The importance of brand experience in your webshop.
  • More sales through online reviews.
  • Factors influencing your website speed.
  • Online payments: more than a tick in the checkout.
Download this exclusive whitepaper and acquire the tools and knowledge you need to grow online!
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