How are other retailers in the garden retail industry dealing with these challenging times? 

The past year has been very turbulent for the garden industry, in which many retailers have made the switch to online. 8 garden retailers and suppliers are happy to share their experiences and vision on:

  • Their transition to online.
  • The challenges they encountered.
  • The opportunities they see.
  • Their ambitions for the coming years.
  • The collaboration with Garden Connect.

8 partners share their experience

In this whitepaper, relations of different origins tell their story, including:

  • Sander de Dijcker (Tuincentrum Osdorp, NL)
  • Jordan Hiebert (Lacoste Garden Center, CA)
  • Wim van de Noort (GroenRijk Tilburg, NL)
  • Ernst van der Linde (NedFox, NL)
  • Joris Philippo (DeVroomen, USA)
  • Luc Eeckhoudt (Tuincenter Vincent, BE)
  • Philip Gass (Creative Gardens, UK)
  • Keith Bateman (Davidson Richards, UK)

They have been given complete freedom to tell their story as a customer or partner of Garden Connect. Both the successes and the struggles. 

Because no, this is not a disguised marketing brochure, but a whitepaper for and by entrepreneurs in the garden retail industry.

Download this exclusive whitepaper full of tips and ideas and use it to grow online!

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