“A fantastic enhancement to our customer’s shopping experience” 

Michael Saddler (Stewarts Garden Centre)

Today, more than ever, garden centre customers expect a connected retail experience whether in-store, through mobile devices or the web. The OpSuite Loyalty App will help you to deliver just that - and a lot more!

In partnership with Davidson Richards, we developed a range of innovative apps to allow garden centres to connect with their customers, provide a great shopping experience and increasing loyalty. The OpSuite Loyalty App includes Loyalty, Scan & Go and Hospitality modules:

  • Loyalty: Reward your cardholders by offering them personalised coupons.
  • Scan & Go: Let your customers create a digital shopping cart in the app whilst walking through the garden centre, scanning products with the camera on their phone and adding them to their trolley. 
  • Hospitality: Let your customers order directly from their table in your restaurant by scrolling through the menu, selecting food and drinks, adding them to the basket and placing the order.

Benefits for your garden centre

Retailers such as Creative Gardens, Henry Street Garden Centre and Pennells have already benefited from the OpSuite Loyalty App during the lockdown and beyond.

By offering this functional app to your customers, you will gain insights into their shopping behaviour, save costs for hardcopy loyalty cards and mailings, automate the personal offers for your customers, streamline the shopping experience, and most of all offer a unique app that reflects your garden centre’s branding.

Learn more about this unique app by downloading the leaflet below. Interested in the OpSuite Loyalty App? Contact Keith Bateman at Davidson Richards or Sjors Hemmen at Garden Connect and let us help you get better connected to your customers.

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