How to make your webshop more successful: 
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Many independent garden retailers have opened a webshop recently. But how can you make sure it will be successful in the future when Covid-19 is behind us? And why should people buy from you if they have Amazon at their disposal?

In this exclusive whitepaper, Garden Connect founder Edwin Meijer helps you to answer three important questions: 

  • Why should consumers buy from you?   
  • How are you going to make it happen?
  • What should you sell?  

We’ll be using the famous golden circle by Simon Sinek to do this. The core of the golden circles isn’t about what you sell, it’s why you sell it.

How to grow your webshop?

To be able to thrive in the upcoming years and decades it’s important to understand that e-commerce is changing the retail landscape. Your business is not immune to this. But instead of trying to sell what you can sell, you should take a step back and ask yourself why people should buy from you. 

Download our exclusive whitepaper to find the answer on how to compete with Amazon and to grow your webshop!
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