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Garden Connect helps you to attract more customers to your garden centre via innovative online marketing solutions. Currently over 250 garden centres are using our services and are having online success. 

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Garden Connect

Garden Connect was founded in 2002 and has been working with independent garden centres and marketing groups since then. Currently over 250 garden centres are using our services in 4 countries. The team of Garden Connect has 25 professionals: designers, developers and marketeers which are all in house in our offices in Luton and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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‘Just do as much as you can and see what sticks to the wall’. If that’s your online communication strategy, then this article is written for you! Here at Garden Connect, we work with many garden centres to help them improve their branding online. Here are 5 steps you c...


Last week I found a video on YouTube, made in 1999, in which the interviewer is asking random people on the streets if they wanted to have a mobile phone. "I don't see the point of it", "Imagine people would call you while you're on the bike" and "I have a wired one at hom...

Imagine if you asked someone in the year 1997 if it would be possible to watch live football on a device in your hand, almost anywhere on the planet. I think people wouldn’t believe this would ever happen. In fact, in 1997 most people would have laughed at the idea of bein...


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