Content Marketing

An up-to-date website that perfectly matches your product range, the seasons and also appeals to precisely the desired target group. I can hear you thinking: Who is going to do that? Who has the time for that in our garden centre?  And who is really good at it? Garden Connect offers a team of content marketers who can help you with that. How do we go about it? 

  • We collect content from suppliers and from Tuinbranche Nederland, so that we are well-informed about trends, new products, beautiful atmospheric images and campaign material.
  • We then work with a content calendar per month (for NL, BE, UK, IE and CA), so we know exactly which plants, product groups and holidays will be hot in the coming months. 
  • Three times a year, we have an extensive video call with you to discuss your wishes and together with these wishes and the collected content, we get to work! Once a month, we will send you an update on all the work. 

We offer Content Marketing based on a fixed number of hours per month, and we provide a permanent content marketer who works on your online communication. Because we manage the websites for almost 100 different garden centres every month, we can work quickly, have plenty of inspiration, and will easily provide the up-to-date website you want. Sound good? Join us! Our green (and fast) fingers will gladly help you!

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