Wish lists

A consumer who is orientating is not yet ready to buy but you can help them by letting them create a digital wish list. This allows the consumer to list the products they are interested in.

A wish list can later be used to make an online purchase but is also used to prepare a shop visit. 

  • With a wish list, customers can easily save products they are interested in. Each product is accompanied by an icon that allows the customer to add the product to the wish list. 
  • Do you have a loyalty card? Then the wish list is automatically saved in the customer's account. After 3 and 10 days, an email can be sent to the customer with his wish list as a reminder. This wish list can also be included in your app.
  • Without a loyalty card, the wish list can be saved in your customer's online account.
  • With a wish list, you make the link between webshop and garden centre and you can of course measure its use in Google Analytics.

It is a convenient service for customers who are orientating and not yet ready to buy something or for customers who want to visit the garden centre. 

Want to know more about the possibilities of a wish list? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you!

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