Product information

In a webshop, product information is one of the most important factors. We help you display all product information properly and professionally. The Garden Connect platform is entirely focused on the garden industry and therefore also offers a number of special options that are useful for companies selling greenery.

You can decide which options you want to use because not every option applies. Some of the options:

  • Adding images and videos via Youtube. To increase the speed of your product pages, we automatically convert images to the fast WebP format.
  • You can add properties such as colour, height and material. For specific products, you can also add properties such as the pot size of a plant or the number of seats for a lounge set.
  • Add brand and brand information.
  • In addition, you can add tying, such as the right potting soil to go with a plant, by using our product combinations and accessories.
  • For products with different colours and sizes of pots, you can add variations and series.
  • You can add quantity discounts to products. You can also include a price per square metre with a helpful calculator.
  • You can add separate shipping conditions per product and product group, show the next shipping days and do a postal code check to show delivery options directly.
  • You can add product descriptions where we can include both short and long descriptions. You can make use of our AI solution, which automatically writes a suitable, unique text for you.
  • Adding information for Google, such as browser titles and meta-descriptions. We automatically provide good page structure and alt-tags on your product pages and images.
  • You can also add a calculator for potting soil, gravel and ground covers.
  • You can use our plant data to quickly and automatically load plant properties, photos and descriptions. 

With all this information, you can fully customise your webshop for your customers' needs and product groups.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create a professional webshop with accurate, extensive product information.

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