Garden tips

How to keep a lawn from turning yellow? How do you choose the right barbecue? What should you do if your houseplants don't look right? Your customers have many questions about products they buy. To help them, you can use our database of more than 75 gardening tips.

The garden tips are ready-made and can be added to your website. This way, you help your customers and answer any questions they may have:

  • Garden tips cover garden and indoor plants, as well as other products such as the lawn, flower bulbs, barbecues and garden tools. 
  • They are written by knowledgeable experts, but you can also edit them if you would like.
  • No specific products or brands are named. Of course, you can add these, as every tip is customisable.
  • You can also decide what information is on your website. Don't have any pond products? Then you can turn off the garden tip on winterising the pond. 
  • You can also add garden tips yourself if you want, which is easy to do within the Garden Connect platform.
  • We regularly add new garden tips or update existing garden tips so that they always remain relevant.

By using garden tips, you ensure that your customers can find the answer to all their questions on your website.

This module is standardly available within all our websites. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us to see how we can help you attract more people to your garden centre.

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