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In-store signage for garden centres. Plantphotos available for signage and print.Create in-store signages quickly and easily

  • Instantly available signage - create online, print locally
  • Use our plant data and photos on your signage, or add your own data
  • Professional, consistent product presentation in your garden centre or store through high-quality signage
  • Create confidence among your customers via professional product texts and photos
  • Link to website/webshop by adding a QR code to the appropriate signage
  • Your own style & branding by using customised templates in your corporate design
  • Easy creation of signage through a simple online wizard
  • Save time by creating signage quickly - it takes only 30 seconds to create one!
  • Integrations with many ERP and EPOS systems in the horticultural industry


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In-store signage solutions for garden centres and nurseries. Generate PDF signage in your own branding.



Customer signage solutions for garden centres, including 300,000 photos of 75,000 plants. Available in 20+ languages.Create your individual signage online and print it out directly

With our signage system, you can easily create individual signage online and print it out. The entire process only takes a few seconds, and you can distinguish your products by using your own branding. Choose from different templates or create your own individual templates for your business. This puts you in the best possible position when it comes to the in-store presentation of your products.


Signage in-store generator wizard for garden centres and nurseries.Present your range professionally in your shop with high-quality signage

High-quality signage is half the battle when it comes to successfully selling products. The signage will provide your customers with important information before they buy, and ideally, they no longer need personal assistance to learn more about a product or plant before buying it. You can display important information that shows the unique characteristics of the product to the customer and to help making the buying decision!


Garden centre POS signage solutions

Create confidence via professional product information

Similar to a search result on Google, you can present important information compactly and bundled on signage, that sells the product to your customers. Professional product texts and appealing pictures are available to you via our content library.

Tool to create signage for garden centres and nurseries and other plant stores.

Link your signages and webshop with a QR code

You can add a QR code to the signages you create, referring users to your website or webshop to read more information. They can either buy the product directly online or get more comprehensive information about the product.

In-store signage generator online tool and wizard with photos and data

Individual signage in your corporate design

To make sure your signage fits your branding, you can use our standard templates and add your own logo to it. If you would like to have individual designed signages for your business, we can also create individual templates in your corporate design on request. Just get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a suitable offer.

Plant signage for retailers and nurseries, including photos of plantsCreate your signage easily and quickly with our online wizard

Creating signage has never been easier than with our module! We have an easy to use online wizard that guides you through the individual steps of the creation process, and at the end of the process, promotion and individual signage are created instantly. This allows you to create your own signage in a matter of seconds, saving you time and ensuring an informative presentation of your products.

Schedule a demo

We will contact you shortly for a quick, 20-minute demo of our solutions. Just fill in your details below. 

Fields marked with * are required.