Personalised offers

Customers expect personalised communication and offers that fit their needs. We offer a solution that allows your loyalty card holders to receive personalised offers via your website, newsletter and own app. Our solutions are fully integrated with your POS system. 

By personalising offers, they are more relevant and more people will take them up. The result: more effective marketing campaigns that help you generate more sales online & offline. Features at a glance:

  • Create offers in your POS system and read them on your website and in your app. 
  • These can be linked to the RFM segmentation we developed with NedFox
  • Send push notifications via your app when there are new offers. 
  • Include offers in your newsletter which are different for each recipient.
  • After logging in to your website or webshop, offers are displayed and can be used online.

By personalising offers and including them in our platform, you ensure a smooth omnichannel experience: online & offline cardholders get the same, personalised benefits. Contact us to see how we can help you give personalised offers to your loyalty cardholders.

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