Do you have a garden centre and want more reach on your website and social media? Then it's important to create high-quality, relevant content. After all: an empty website does not inspire and does not bring more visitors to your garden centre!

Our content marketing team will help you make your website complete & keep it up to date. Think about:

  • Information about the garden centre
  • Blogs
  • Special offers
  • Activities you organise
  • Theme pages for campaigns, such as around the kitchen garden, bee-friendly garden and Christmas
  • A useful list of questions & answers
  • An up-to-date homepage

This takes a lot of time and is difficult to keep up if you have to do it alongside other work during the busy season. We can help you with this. We have a lot of experience with writing content for garden centre websites and our team has been trained by Kiem Opleidingen from Tuinbranche Nederland.

We also have extensive knowledge of our own platform and know how to write Google-friendly texts. In addition, we can connect with campaigns in the garden sector and holidays throughout the year.

We unburden you by supplying a fixed number of hours per month and, of course, you can keep changing your website yourself: together, we will make sure you get more reach. Contact us if you want to know more about our services. We will be happy to help you!

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