Personal marketing

With our e-mail marketing solutions, you can send your loyalty card holders the right message at the right time. E-mail is a convenient way to keep in touch with cardholders and they expect it: after all, otherwise they wouldn't sign up!

We offer full integration of your loyalty card, customer data, POS system and our e-mail marketing platform.

  • Our platform allows you to send personal offers, brochures and garden tips to cardholders.
  • You can also send e-mails linked to purchases. For instance, care tips after buying a houseplant or tips for decorating the Christmas tree after buying an artificial Christmas tree. All this is fully automated and integrated with the checkout system. So it works for online & offline purchases.
  • You can also send e-mails based on visitor behaviour. For instance, you can send your most loyal customers an extra reward or thank-you message, or send a message to customers who haven't visited for 6 months. This is fully automated as well.
  • We also offer a number of helpful functionalities. For example, you can include a link to the cardholder's mobile wallet in e-mails. Useful for customers who use their iOS or Google Wallet a lot!
  • E-mails are shown in the app and website for 12 months after logging into the loyalty card account, so cardholders who have missed a message can easily look it up themselves.

Communication by e-mail is indispensable if you want a successful loyalty card. Want to know more about our email marketing solutions? Then get in touch with us!

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