Introducing BloomBot: The AI-Powered Chatbot Revolutionizing the Garden Industry

Garden Connect, the leading provider of innovative solutions for the garden industry, is proud to unveil BloomBot, an AI-powered chatbot designed to transform how customers engage with garden centres and nurseries. With its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, BloomBot offers personalised and accurate responses to a wide range of queries, making it a valuable resource for gardening enthusiasts.

BloomBot taps into its vast knowledge base, fueled by GPT-based AI technology, to provide expert guidance on plant care, troubleshooting common issues, and even suggesting relevant products from the webshop. This unique chatbot streamlines the shopping experience for customers, ensuring quick and accurate responses to their questions.

Easy implementation on any website

Implementing BloomBot on any website or webshop is a breeze, taking less than 2 minutes. It's continuous crawling of the business's website ensures that the information provided is always up to date. With access to a comprehensive plant database containing over 50,000 plants, BloomBot delivers tailored instructions and advice specific to each plant variety.

"We are thrilled to introduce BloomBot to the garden industry," said Edwin Meijer, co-founder of Garden Connect. "By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, BloomBot provides a seamless and convenient way for customers to access expert guidance and enhance their gardening experience. It's like having a personal gardening assistant available 24/7."

Debut at Spoga-Gafa and GLEE

BloomBot is set to make its debut at the upcoming tradeshows, including GLEE in Birmingham and Spoga+Gafa in Cologne. Attendees can witness firsthand how BloomBot revolutionises customer interactions and boosts online sales for garden businesses.

Discover the future of gardening assistance with BloomBot, the AI-powered chatbot by Garden Connect. For more information contact us at

About Garden Connect

Garden Connect, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is the leading provider of innovative solutions for the garden industry. With a focus on enhancing customer experiences and boosting online sales, Garden Connect offers a range of cutting-edge tools and services tailored to the unique needs of garden businesses.