Google Analytics

The numbers tell the tale, which is why we have set up a full integration with Google Analytics 4. So you know exactly what is happening on your website, webshop or app. 

It is important that you yourself have insight into visitor behaviour on your website, which is why each website has its own account. This is in your name and from there you can link to the Garden Connect platform. 

  • The Garden Connect Platform supports Google Analytics 4. You can set up Google Analytics 4 yourself or do this via Google Tag Manager.
  • We offer you the option to do this all by yourself free of charge, but if you need help with this, we are happy to assist you. For a fee, we can help you set up your account, set up Google Analytics 4 and set up Google Tag Manager with tags for Facebook, Google Ads, Hotjar and other platforms, for example.
  • Many goals and settings are available by default. These include clicking on links, registering sign-ups and, of course, online purchases. 
  • If you also use our online marketing services, we will send you a monthly report by e-mail with information about your website. This report and the dashboard visualise the data in Google Analytics in a comprehensible way: moreover, you don't necessarily have to log in because we also send the report by e-mail!

Google Analytics 4 is free to use and integration with our platform is available to everyone by default.

Want to know more about how we can help you with Google Analytics 4? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you further.

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