Reviews are an important part of the buying process for online consumers: without good reviews, customers will not make a purchase from your webshop. They give customers a good impression of the products and the webshop as a whole.

There are two different types of reviews. The first is about your company or webshop and these are usually collected via platforms such as Kiyoh, Trustpilot or your Google Company Profile. The second type is about products you sell and these reviews can also be collected and displayed via your webshop in the Garden Connect platform.

  • With our review module, you can invite customers to write a review about individual products, automatically via e-mail.
  • This e-mail is only sent after delivery of the products, so it always arrives at the right time. Moreover, this is a one-off email that won't irritate customers.
  • When posting reviews, customers can also post a photo, so they can show how your products look in their own environment.
  • Reviews are also shown in Google as rich snippet, which increases website visits.

Social influence is an important part of the buying process, according to renowned scientist Cialdini, which is why it is important for any garden centre to collect reviews. If you want to know more about our review module, contact us. We will be happy to help you further.

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