Link building, according to many, is a vague term but important part of search engine optimisation. It is the process of increasing the popularity of a website by placing links to it from other websites. With link building, it is important to have the right context and we provide this for your company or webshop.

Both quality and quantity play a role in link building: ideally, you should have a lot of high-quality and extremely relevant links, but this combination is not easy to achieve. We perform link building as part of our Performance Based Marketing Service, but we can also do it once or for a short period to improve the value of a domain name:

  • We use various tools to have a good understanding of the link building strategy we employ. We analyse your current links, determine which pages to target and which keywords are likely to succeed.
  • We know many parties with websites related to home, garden and animal where we can place links. We also have our own network of blogs where we can place links.
  • Link building is a continuous process and something we never do once: the minimum period is 6 months so that we can work quietly but steadily to build a good link profile.
  • Link building is an integral part of Local SEO Marketing and Performance Based Marketing Service. 

By applying link building, you lay a solid foundation for the findability of your website: links remain for years and therefore have a lasting impact on your findability!

Would you like to know more about link building, our approach and the positive effects it can have for you? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you improve the popularity of your website.

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