Local SEO Marketing

As many as 46% of Google searches are aimed at seeing, visiting or buying something nearby. With Local SEO Marketing, you make sure you are visible online to consumers from your own region. Consumers who carry out local searches are better able to find your website and thus your garden centre through Local SEO Marketing. The result: more visitors to your website and more footfall in your shop!

Local SEO marketing is a proven successful process to improve your garden centre's online visibility in the region. We follow a number of steps to achieve this result:

  • It starts with research into the target audience:
    From which region do your current customers come?
    What products are they looking for online?
  • By collecting and analysing this information, we start expanding or adapting the content on the website. Customer demand and content on the website must match seamlessly.
  • Next, we start working on your internal and external link profile. With link building, we increase your website's popularity with Google so that you are shown more often.
  • In addition, we optimise your garden centre's online listings on online business directories such as Yelp, Google Maps, Apple Maps and other local websites.
  • We also ensure that your garden centre's opening hours are automatically updated on these platforms.
  • We link your website's news items, offers, vacancies and activities to your Google Business Profile so that they are published automatically. This automation ensures that your garden centre is shown online more often. 
  • Finally, we analyse the results and provide clear reports so you can see exactly what the results are.

Local SEO marketing is an ongoing process and ensures better online visibility of your garden centre among consumers in your own region.

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